Las Vegas Pool Cleaning

Las Vegas pool service and maintenance including: Full Service Weekly Pool Cleaning, Acid Wash, Chlorine Wash, Pool Filter Cleaning, Total Dissolved Solids Testing and Cleaning, Pool Draining Services, Green Pool Clean Up Services, Pool Tile Cleaning, and more. Includes Las Vegas pool cleaning services, Henderson pool cleaning services, Summerlin pool cleaning services, and all other Las Vegas-area commercial pool cleaning services, as well.

Las Vegas Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance: We offer one-time pool chemical balance, quarterly (or bi/tri-monthly) pool filter cleanings, “Pool Maintenance for Dummies” HOW-TO instructional sessions, pool sand replacement, and more. Includes Las Vegas pool maintenance services, Henderson pool maintenance services, Summerlin pool maintenance services, and all other Las Vegas-area commercial pool maintenance services, as well.

We also provide treatment for high TDS (total dissolved solids) in pools. Your pool needs to be drained about once every few years to avoid high TDS, which will cause your chemicals to no longer be effective at killing bacteria. Call us for more information on pool maintenance.

Las Vegas Pool Repair**

We specialize in all pool and spa – and poo and spa-relateda-area repairs, including Pool Motor Repair and Pool Light Repair pool pumps, pool filters, pool vacuums, automatic pool cleaners, and provide pool parts. If you are in need of a new pool filter, please call us for a free quote. Due to our special pricing with wholesalers we can provide your pool with a new cartridge pool filter or DE pool filter AND install it for you for less money than you will pay at your local pool supply retail store.

And if you own a sand filter, remember that your sand needs to be replaced once every FIVE years for it do be able to do it’s job. If you don’t know if your sand has ever been replaced, you probably need to replace it.

Swimming Pool Chemistry

Pool chemistry doesn’t balance itself. Keeping your pool in great condition starts with the water. Sanitizer (chlorine or bromine), pH, alkalinity,, conditioner, and hardness levels are all factors that can impact your pool investment. These factors must be monitored and adjusted for optimal care and maintenance of your swimming pool or spa.

Failure to balance your pool’s water properly can result in everything from irritated skin and eyes to unsightly plaster staining, algae growth, and/or serious equipment damage or pool equipment failure.

Testing and balancing of water chemistry

We test and balance PH.levels. Chlorine levels, and alkalinity levels on a weekly basis. This ensures proper water chemistry and safety. Includes chlorine-balance testing in Las Vegas, chlorine-balance testing in Summerlin, chlorine-balance testing in Henderson; as well as ph-balance testing in Las Vegas, ph-balance testing in Summerlin, and ph-balance testing in Henderson.

Brushing of tile and pool walls

Brushing your pool weekly is one of the most important things you can do as part of a weekly maintenance routine. It will get the dirt out that the vacuum just can’t get helping to ensure a crystal clean pool.

Vacuuming pool and/or spa

We vacuum the bottom of your pool and spa on a weekly basis keeping everything clean and inviting.

Filter cleaning (as needed)

Regular filter cleanings keep water circulation at its maximum which is very important for clean and algae free water. Let us put your filters on a regular scheduled maintenance program to ensure proper water flow.>

Regular maintenance of equipment

We will empty all your baskets. Keep all orings and gaskets lubed to prevent suction leaks. Maintain timers and all pool equipment.

Additional services upon request.

AQUA BOY POOLS has a substantial reputation for reliability; Las Vegas pool service and maintenance experts!