Las Vegas Pool Service, Maintenance and Repair • No Job Too Big or Too Small **

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool is essential.
Let Aqua Boy Pool Maintenance help you keep your leisure time as your LEISURE TIME!
We are committed to providing you VALUE and DEPENDABLE SERVICE.

Las Vegas Pool Cleaning

Full Service Weekly Las Vegas Pool Cleaning, Acid Wash, Chlorine Wash, Pool Filter Cleaning, Total Dissolved Solids Testing and Cleaning, Pool Draining Services, Green Pool Clean Up Services, Pool Tile Cleaning, and more.

Las Vegas Pool Maintenance

For Las Vegas Pool Maintenance: Aqua Boy offers one-time pool chemical balance, quarterly pool filter cleanings, “Pool Maintenance for Dummies” how-to instructional sessions, pool sand replacement, and more.

Las Vegas Pool Repair**

Our third-party, licensed contractors specialize in pool motor repair, pool light repair, and all other pool-related repairs, including pool pumps, pool filters, pool vacuums, and automatic pool cleaners (and provide pool parts, as well!). If you are in need of a new pool filter, please call us for a free quote.


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    If your pool is already
    in good, operating condition


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